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Blue lagoon

Discover the Wonder. Healing waters. A subterranean spa. Gourmet cuisine. Luxurious suites. Otherworldly vistas. A universe of radiant wellbeing. Let your mind travel. Enjoy our visual highlights from one of the wonders of the world. Day visit. Discover the waters of the Blue Lagoon. Journey through a spa of the volcanic earth.

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Skay lagoon

Iceland’s all new geothermal lagoon is located oceanside, just minutes away from Reykjavík’s city centreExperience the Journe. A voyage through Icelandic bathing culture. Located 13 minutes from the city centre


Fontana Spa

Fontana Geothermal Baths is located in the center of the most popular tourist route in Iceland, the Golden Circle. A unique experience of the healing powers of the geothermal springs. Soak in a natural pool, listen to the bubbling hot spring in the steam rooms, or for the venturesome, take a dip in the refreshing lake.

Seacrit lagoon.webp

Seacret lagoon

The Secret Lagoon, known locally as Gamla Laugin, is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland. It was made in 1891 at Hverahólmi, a geothermal area near Flúðir. What makes our place special are the rich natural resources of warm water coming from hot springs. 


Krauma Spa

Geothermal Baths. Krauma offers several different pools, each with its own unique features and characteristics, all heated naturally by earth's core. The pools temperatures range from 37-41 degrees celsius and cold plunge pool to cool down, with temperatures ranging from 5-10 degrees celsius. 

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